Mental illness is not a personal failure. Please Help!

 Hi, my name is Tere. I'm the youngest sister of Johanna and Hazel, that needs medical treatment.

I live in Cubao, Quezon City. I'm only renting an apartment sharing with friends near my work, while my eldest sister, Johanna, is currently confined in a home care facility for mental treatment, at Plainview Custodial Home, in Sgt. Bumatay, Mandaluyong City. And, Hazel is in Sampaloc, Manila, being taken care of my cousin's friend, since my sister isn't able to walk because of diabetes, and with bipolar affectiveness disorder.

Johanna has been admitted in a home care facility since August 2019 for a proper mental treatment, because she was diagnosed with schizophrenia, she has been suffering for so many years. And I was not able to continue the medical treatment for my sister Hazel because of financial constraint. I only hope for them to have a normal and happy life that has been stolen by their illnesses. I work in a call center, but my salary and incentives are not enough to support both of them, and the piling of home care bills. I already asked help from our relatives but they cannot do so much for both of my sisters, since they are also supporting their own families. I also went to LGUs but nothing more they could do for us.

I need to raise more than 350K for both of my sisters' treatment, because I really cannot afford to pay the home care bills that costs 20K+ every month, and still need to buy their medicines and essentials every month as well. I already got the statement of account from the home care facility since 2019 until May 2021. I'm the only one supporting my two eldest sister, because our parents already passed away. And I don't have any means to support both of them for their treatment.

Your support and prayers are mostly appreciated for the immediate wellness of Johanna and Hazel. Johanna misses our dad, but she have no idea that he already passed away in 2009, I can only tell her once she got better.

All your support will be used for the payment of Johanna's bill and to continue her treatment. And, for Hazel to be treated as well. I have a copy of Johanna's medical certification, clinical abstract, and statement of account from the home care facility.

I know that God will bless you more and will never forget all your goodness. Thank you in advance.

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